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Comprehensive Homestay

  • Browse Our Hosts for Free

    Live with a local host family, immerse yourself in American culture, meet American friends, and perfect your spoken English. Even in a new city, you can live like a local.

  • Two-Way Matching

    Get rid of the middle man and choose a host in your desired location on your own. The host will then accept or decline your booking.

  • Short-Term Study Abroad Options

    Students can join one of the summer or winter short-term study abroad camps we hold every year across the U.S. We can also plan a short-term tour at any time of year for groups of 10 or more students.

  • 100% Homestay Support

    Services offered include legal guardianship, educational support, insurance, airport pickup, and tutoring. Ojisu is your one-stop service provider for your time abroad.

Complete Study Aboard Experience

  • Weekend + Homestay Experience

    We offer weekend homestays with local families. Weekend homestays allow you to join in family life for weekends and holidays, participating in family activities and enjoying warm, authentic American culture.

  • School Visit + Homestay Experience

    Stay with a local family while visiting schools in the United States. Get a deeper understanding of the school, talk with students and teachers, and see what a homestay is like. This visit can give you peace of mind when you start your study abroad!

  • Class Audit + Homestay Experience

    Sit in on classes at a top U.S. school to fully appreciate the academic and social environment. Attend classes during the day and spend your evenings with a local host family. It's an authentic academic and cultural experience to prepare you for future choices in life and learning.

  • Travel + Homestay Experience

    Stay with an American host family and visit local attractions with them. Your hosts will include you in their favorite activities and let you in on all the local secrets. Choose this option for a unique and unforgettable experience for less.

Our Safety Guarantee

A Rigorous Verification Process and Strict Criteria for Homestay Enrollment.

  • 1 Fill Out Application

  • 2Phone Interview

  • 3Federal Background Check

  • 4Application Approval

  • 5Surroundings Report


We ensure safe communities and living environments via US federal and state background checks on host family members.


Our hosts are caring, responsible, and there to help international students acclimate to life in America.


Our homestays are conveniently positioned near popular schools and are usually in range of a variety of transportation options.


Our host families’ nurturing living and learning environments support students emotionally and ensure good morale.