Company Information

About Ojisu

Whole Fun Stay LLC. d/b/a Ojisu Homestay utilizes a widespread network of partners located throughout the US along with a unified online platform in order to organize a superior database of reliable homestay resources as well as a comprehensive system of support services. Through this, Ojisu provides international students with a comprehensive, one-stop service. Since 2011, Ojisu has been dedicated to providing study abroad students with complete US homestay experiences. We create a brand new Ojisu online platform for not only the international students but all the international guests who want to gain homestay experience. Ojisu’s online community efficiently connects an extensive database of students, homestay families, American grade schools, community colleges, and universities, and Ojisu and CSIET approved follow-up service providers.

Ojisu's Mission

Founded in 2011, Ojisu concentrates on providing young study abroad students with homestays. In 2015, we created a completely new online community platform that brings students, families, American high schools, host families, and our CSIET certified follow-up services together.

  • Your American Guide: For students and their families, we provide real American homes and devise a homestay plan for you.
  • Your Server: Our platform gives students and households independent choice, equal freedom, and fulfilling experiences.
  • Your Educator: Our host families and cultural exchange programs promote a student's overall development and provide language and cultural exchange opportunities.

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