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  1. All users are deemed to have carefully read and fully agree the Terms and the other relevant statements and user agreements on this website when they enter the homepage and all the pages of the Ojisu.com. Users who log in to Ojisu.com in any way, or direct and indirect use of this site information and services, are deemed to be voluntary to accept the statement of the site and user service agreement.
  2. The Ojisu.com is only responsible for providing online platform services. Users registration data and of the United States, User takes full responsibility for any information they provide according to the law(including but not limited to user name, contact information, room description and related pictures, etc..,), trading activities and other related matters. 

  3. Ojisu Homestay will reviewed or dealt with information, including the offline, delete or resort to law under following conditions or laws:

    1. Ojisu Homestay has reasonable grounds to believe that there may b a material infringement or breach of contract for a particular user and specific transaction.

    2. Ojisu Homestay has reasonable grounds to believe that the behavior of Ojisu Homestay members is alleged illegal or inappropriate.

  4. The Ojisu Homestay is only a platform to information, select the object of the transaction, negotiate the services and the transaction. Ojisu Homestay can not control and guarantee the quality of the transaction involved in the housing, safety or legal, the authenticity or accuracy of business information, as well as the ability of the parties to the transaction to fulfill their obligations under the transaction agreement. User should cautiously determine the authenticity, validity and validity of the relevant information, and bear the responsibility and loss.

  5. Ojisu Homestay does not warrant the truth, accuracy or completeness of any information, content or advertising acquired from this website. You need to be authentic and precautionary measures to prevent risks caused by any company or individual through the above information to conduct any behavior. Otherwise, Ojisu Homestay does not take any direct and indirect, incidental or consequential loss and responsibility for any transaction and/or behavior that occurs not directly with this website or from this site for any reason.

  6. Ojisu Homestay has the right to accept your dispute with other Ojisu users through the Ojisu Homestay service,  and has the right to unilaterally determine the facts relevant to the dispute and the rules that should apply, and then make the decision. This decision is binding on you and you have agreed to abide by the rules of Ojisu Homestay when you sign up for Ojisu Homestay. You understand and agree that Ojisu Homestay is not the Judiciary, so the evidence can only be identified as an ordinary person. The mediation of the dispute is entirely based on user’s commission. Ojisu Homestay and its affiliates can not guarantee that the results of the dispute meet your expectations, nor assume any responsibility for the dispute mediation conclusion If you suffer a loss, you agree to indemnify the beneficiary by yourself.

  7. Ojisu Homestay does not guarantee service of Ojisu Homestay will be able to meet the user's requirements, without any express or implied warranty. Ojisu Homestay does not make any commitment and guarantee to the promptness, safety, accuracy, suitability, continuity, reliability, or suitability for a particular purpose of the beauty boarding service. The user must bear the aforesaid risk independently.

  8. Ojisu Homestay does not make any commitment and guarantee on the validity, accuracy, correctness, reliability, quality, stability, perfection and timeliness of the technology and information involved in the Ojisu Homestay service.

  9. Ojisu Homestay does not guarantee that users will not be interrupted network services while using the service. Ojisu Homestay is not responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, derivative damage caused by the computer software and hardware damage caused by the Ojisu Homestay service or the inability to use the Ojisu Homestay or any loss of data.

  10. Except for the service listed in Ojisu Homestay website, any other accidents, negligence, contract damages, defamation, copyright or other intellectual property infringement caused by any improper use of this website and any losses caused by improper download and infection of computer viruses, Ojisu Homestay shall not be responsible for, nor assume any legal responsibility.

  11. In no event shall Ojisu Homestay be liable for any damages caused by the normal maintenance of the Internet, Internet connection failure, the failure of computer, telecommunications or other system failure,  blackout, strike, labor dispute, riot, uprising, shortage of productivity or production materials, fire, flood, storms, explosions, wars, government acts, orders of judicial or administrative authorities or omissions by third parties.

  12. You understand and agree that Ojisu Homestay shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, profits, goodwill, usage, data, etc., or any other intangible damages (whether or not Ojisu Homestay  has been informed of the possibility of such damages):

    1. Use or not use the Ojisu Homestay Service ( VIP Host Family Matching Services, Pre-Homestay Video Meeting, Pre-Homestay Visit, Criminal Background Checks, Legal Guardianship - Basic, Legal Guardianship - Superior);

    2. Third party unauthorized use your account or change your data;

    3. Expenses and losses caused by the purchase or acquisition of any goods, data, information or other substitution acts through the Ojisu Homestay service ;

    4. Your misunderstanding of Ojisu Homestay Service;

    5. Any other losses related to Ojisu Homestay services that are not caused by Ojisu Homestay.

  13. Users explicitly agree that their risk and consequence of using the Ojisu Homestay service will be entirely borne by themselves. Ojisu Homestay does not bear any responsibility for users and any third party.

  14. . For matters not covered by this statement, please refer to the relevant laws and regulations of the State of Pennsylvania, United States. If there is a conflict between this statement and relevant federal laws and regulations,  individual needs to follow the relevant federal laws and regulations.

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