Pre-Homestay Video Meeting

Price: $198 (per family)

Service Details:

Ojisu strives to create an open and understanding homestay environment for guests and hosts. For those guests who cannot meet hosts in person before booking with them, we offer video conference calls. These conversations are curated by Ojisu staff to ensure there are no communication issues and that all parties are on the same page. During these calls, guests (and guardians for under-aged guests) and hosts will be able to freely ask each other questions about each other's lifestyles, expectations, etc in order to determine whether or not the match will be a good fit.

Service Process:

  1. After the $198 service fee has been processed, the guest and host will each fill out a form.

  2. An Ojisu consultant will then arrange the video call at a time that works for both the guest and host family.

  3. In order to ensure that the call is on time and goes smoothly, each party will be asked to log on 15 minutes prior to the call start time. We also ask that guests and hosts each prepare the questions they want to ask and the matters they want to discuss ahead of time as well. The call will last for around 30 minutes.

  4. After the call has ended, if the guest and host are interesting in engaging in a homestay program with each other, please contact the Ojisu consultant who curated the call.

Please note:

  1. During the call, the role of the Ojisu consultant is to lead the discussion and help both the guest and host gain a deep understanding of each other’s situation and expectations.

  2. During the call, guests are not allowed to negotiate prices. Also, neither guests and hosts are allowed to exchange personal contact informations such as email addresses, phone numbers, or social media profiles, etc.

  3. Before the homestay booking is confirmed, Ojisu will be in charge of communicating details of the homestay to the host family.

Fee & Refund Policy:

  • The video conference fee is a one-time, non-refundable, non-transferable fee.

  • The guest is allowed to reschedule the call one time, at least 24 hours before the call was scheduled to take place, otherwise the call will be cancelled and the fee will be retained.

  • Please note: the service becomes valid once it is paid for and concludes once the call has taken place, or if the guest reschedules more than once/fails to attend the call.

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