Basic Info

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 15 Years Old
  • Sport: Ping-pong, Badminton, Biking
  • Hobby: Photography, Movies, Reading, Painting/Drawing, Music
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Personality: Optimistic, Quiet, Independent, Cheerful

Why Come To U.S.

  • Attend American School
  • Grade 11
  • The College Preparatory School

Self Introduction

I'm Hilda. I lived in America for two years. I am optimistic, study hard, like music, play the piano for 12 years, hope oneself can be admitted to a university always teng, I hope my new school with my new host family to enjoy my experience!

Letter to Future Host

Hello, as a high school student want to get the transfers to and from school or home if your home is near the school also can not , off-campus activities and hope to be able to transport plane, also want to home provide independent bath room, home has the same age girl better, I hope I can finish... Show More

6100 Broadway Oakland, CA 94618

Move In Date: 01/08/2018
Move Out Date : 05/31/2020


Looking forward to a caring, have a high school girl's family in the home, best can transfers to and from school, or close to the school, family, a room with a independent bathroom, communication in English as the main language in the home, hope to bring joy and happiness with each other.

Additional Services

Meal Services : Yes
Transportation to School (Morning Drop-off) : Yes
Transportation from School (Afternoon Pick-up) : Yes
Extracurricular Transportation (If schedule allows) : Yes
Airport Pickup (If schedule allows) : Yes
Family Activity Involvement : Yes
Laundry Facilities : Yes
High Speed Internet/Wi-Fi : Yes