Basic Info

  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 25 Years Old
  • Allergy: Pet Dander, Dust Mite
  • Sport: Swimming, Tennis
  • Hobby: Cooking, Reading, Camping
  • Personality: Outgoing, Independent

Why Come To U.S.

  • Attend American School
  • College
  • cbu

Self Introduction

我叫谢萍,22岁,现在在cbu读大学,无不良嗜好,爱做饭和旅游,比较开朗。但是由于我对动物毛发和不干净的环境容易过敏,所以我需要每两周到三周洗一次被子。 My name is Xie Ping, 22 years old. I am now at California Baptist University. I like cooking and traveling. I am allergic to animal hair and mess env... Show More

Letter to Future Host

很高兴在这个平台上看到你们的信息,我最近在寻找9月份能够入住的房间,吸引我的主要原因是住宿离学校近,和可以接送。很希望能够和大家和谐相处。 I am happy to see your information on this website. I was looking for a room that I can move in September. The main reason for attracting me is that the accomm... Show More

8432 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, California 92504, United States

Move In Date: 09/01/2019
Move Out Date : 04/28/2020


I hope that the owner is good at communication. Because I don't have a car, I hope to live close to the school (or they can provide pick-up service.) 希望住家性格外向,善于沟通,离cbu近,并且提供接送服务。

Additional Services

Meal Services : No
Transportation to School (Morning Drop-off) : Yes
Transportation from School (Afternoon Pick-up) : Yes
Extracurricular Transportation (If schedule allows) : No
Airport Pickup (If schedule allows) : No
Laundry Facilities : Yes
Parking Space : No
High Speed Internet/Wi-Fi : Yes