Gavriel Nehemia

Basic Info

  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 21 Years Old
  • Sport: Basketball, Swimming
  • Hobby: Computer, Fitness, Music
  • Instrument: Guitar, Piano
  • Personality: Independent, Mature, Optimistic, Outgoing, Quiet

Why Come To U.S.

  • Attend American School
  • College
  • North Seattle College

Self Introduction

Hi, my name is Gavriel Nehemia, but you can call me Gavy. I'm currently studying online from Indonesia. I'm enrolled in North Seattle College and am going to have student orientation on the 20th of September. This is going to be my first time in the US. I also like to exercise at home and enjoy ... Show More

Letter to Future Host

I'm going to be travelling alone and will be arriving roughly around 12th or 13th of September.

North Seattle College, 9600 College Way N, Seattle, Washington 98103, United States

Move In Date: 09/12/2021
Move Out Date : 12/31/2021


I would greatly appreciate a helping hand on getting to know the ins and outs of the city.

Additional Services

Meal Services : Yes
Transportation to School (Morning Drop-off) : No
Transportation from School (Afternoon Pick-up) : No
Extracurricular Transportation (If schedule allows) : No
Airport Pickup (If schedule allows) : Yes
Laundry Facilities : Yes
Parking Space : No
High Speed Internet/Wi-Fi : Yes