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Break: What To Do While Your Int'l Student Is Gone

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The vast majority of international students try to go home for winter break. What are their host families to do while they are gone??!?

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Ugh, separation is hard. But don't despair like above!


Distract yourself from missing your international student by cleaning! Take advantage of having one less person in the house and extra time to brush up the house a little.

Stay in Touch

Make sure that your international student doesn't miss out on your holiday celebration too much! Share photos and good stories with them while they're gone online. Check out our other blog on how to stay connected using more international social media .


Of course relaxing over the holidays is on everyone's list, too. This is also an opportunity to relax a little extra while you wait for your student to return. Put your feet up and if you have any questions contact us at info@wholefunstay.com!