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Our Upcoming Summer Camp

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Ojisu's parent company, WholeRen Education Group, connects America and China’s top tier education resources. Every year, we hold three short-term camp programs for younger Chinese students in America and we are now accepting applications for the 2017 summer term! Through our partnerships with Peking University Elementary School and Tsinghua University Middle School, for six years we have organized three-week study abroad camps for foreign students. By sending school representatives for short term trips to the US and keeping an open dialogue, our partner schools help us establish comprehensive education programs in the United States.

As these Chinese school’s representative in America, WholeRen is responsible for facilitating the exchange of principals, US teachers and officials, organizing short-term study tours and so on. In the past six years, more than 300 principals, heads of international exchange departments, specialist teachers and outstanding students have been involved in our education programs.

One of our camps from fall 2016 is outlined below. WholeRen and Peking Elementary school held the following American Middle School Exchange Program in Pittsburgh, PA at Winchester Thurston.

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 3.01.54 PM

(Left) Headmaster of Peking Elementary Meeting the                                                                                    (Right) Headmasters of American & Chinese Former Mayor of Pittsburgh, Luke Ravenstahl                                                                                                                                     schools exchanging gifts

STEAM (Science  + Technology  + Engineering  + Art + Mathematics) education theory advocates for an immersion method for culture and language learning. We use it in our program outlined on the next page to force students to experience what it’s like to be an American student on a deeper level by delving into all subjects.

Program Information

Type: Immersion Travel Camp

Length3 weeks

Number   of Students35

Age   of Students9-11

Length2 weeks at an   American school + 1 week traveling

LodgingCamp HomestayHotel

Number of Teachers4

Number of WholeRen Chaperones1-2

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