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Communicate with guests and get booking!


Check out Ojisu's Host Demandsection to browse guests who are looking for a homestay in your area. Feel free to reach out to any guest using Ojisu’s online messaging system! Come visit our Help Center if you have any questions.


Log in and update your host profile:

1. Visit www.ojisu.com and Log in
Create an username and add a profile picture to your profile
by clicking “Profile”, under “My Account” from the bottom left corner on your account page.

2. Update your host information with following sections:
【5.Additional Services】

Extra compensation for the additional services you choose to provide can be negotiated with guests according to their specific requests.

【6.Room Information】

Update/upload pictures for each room.
Indicate a homestay fee for each room: separate amounts for 18+ guests, and for 18- guests.

【7.Home Picture】

Update/upload pictures of your home for potential guests to view.

3.【Review&Submit】Don't forget to submit your updated host profile!