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Signing up on Ojisu is as easy as putting in your email address. After creating an account, complete the basic information section in the “Guest Center” and upload a profile picture in the “Account” section. Creating a detailed personal profile helps host families get to understand you and your expectations much more quickly, therefore expediting the whole homestay arranging process.


After signing up and completing your profile, you are free to publish your profile and post your host demand in your destination city. Host families with availability will then contact you via Ojisu’s messenger.

Searching for host families

Using the filter function, you can pinpoint host families in your study area. Each host family profile provides detailed information about their specific homestay offering. With Ojisu’s messenger, you have the freedom to reach out any host families and ask any questions you may have. Please don’t hesitate to contact Ojisu if you would like to conduct a home screening, criminal background check, or any other services on a specific host family of interest.

Offline service

To customers who prefer offline service due to the language barrier, Ojisu offers offline host family matching and contact services to help you find the right homestay candidate.


Homestay arrangements are accelerated with Ojisu. Once you find the right host family candidate, the next step is to contact our customer service and pay the $200 refundable deposit for your homestay reservation. Ojisu will then forward your host request to the host family. The host family then has 48 hours to respond to your request. If the host accepts your request, congratulations! Otherwise, your deposit will be refunded and you are free to keep searching for appropriate homestay matches. We highly recommend that you do not send multiple requests at the same time. If you have to cancel an accepted homestay reservation, we administer a refund of up to $100 to compensate the host family.


After both a student and host family have agreed to engage in a homestay, please communicate with us to confirm the duration of your stay and the method of payment you will be using. The $200 deposit will be deducted from your total cost. With Ojisu, a homestay lease can last a minimum of 3 months so that we can still to guarantee the quality of homestay and a fully controllable homestay experience.


Before your departure to the United States, make sure that you keep up communication with your host family and address all necessary accommodations. Feel free to contact us for other services including comprehensive domestic guardianship, airport pickup, etc…

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